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Thank you to all our friends, family, sponsors and community for the continued love and support in helping us give back to youth hockey, in Joe's memory. 

We are proud to report, in 2018, the Joseph F. Carlevale Memorial Fund distributed its first hockey scholarship to Triton Youth Hockey. 


The recipient selected for a full scholarship ($1,875.00) was a most deserving athlete. While his family came upon hard times prior to the outset of the season, his passion for the game was unmistakable to his coaches and Triton board. Without question, this was a scholarship awarded for all the right reasons. 

For 2019, we will continue to introduce our scholarship fund to local youth hockey organizations. Deserving players, who want to play - will play, regardless of a family's financial constraints. That’s our mission, and we’ll continue to promote it, because that’s what Joe wanted.  


Thank you for your continued support.    

Giving Back

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